This week’s smiles

  • Warlords of Draenor, the new World of Warcraft expansion, was released this week – and it is awesome! It’s like everything anyone ever complained about has been fixed. And there are garrisons! You have your own little town to build the way you want, and all sorts of new features.
  • Breaking the habit of relying on cafeteria food. I actually packed my lunch every day this week. Awesome, healthy, cheap food. And when I followed a friend up to the cafeteria, thinking that maybe I did want a ridiculously overpriced burger, I took one look at the cafeteria food and decided I did want my packed lunch after all.
  • I started working on the Christmas/Yule presents that I’m making myself this year. I’m really excited to give them to people.
  • Just helping people. There have been a lot of opportunities to do little jobs for people this week, and I love making life a little easier for people.
  • Snow! Ok, so I don’t really get all that excited about snow – but I love how insanely excited my son gets when he first notices the snow on the ground.