This week’s smiles

Here are some highlights from my gratitude journal this week:

  • Dressing up in my Little Red Ridinghood costume. We had a halloween party on the 1st, so I didn’t actually wear it on halloween.
  • Candy! I love that every time Steven raids his stash, he makes sure to ask if Liam and I want any candy. He even knows what my favorites are, and will bring me those if he can find them.
  • Making it to all my classes while fighting with my seasonal depression. This time of year I often wake up feeling like someone has bolted me to the bed, and I often end up missing some classes and falling behind on my school work. This last week was really hard, but I made it to all my classes and stayed on top of my work, and I’m glad I did.
  • BLIZZCON! In case you don’t know Blizzard is the company that makes awesome computer games like World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo. Liam and I buy the virtual ticket and watch it every year. We almost decided not to this year, but then bought it at the last minute, and I’m glad we did. They finally announced Overwatch, a new game they’ve been working on. Never before have I been so excited about a first person shooter. Also looking forward to the Metallica concert that will be their finale tonight.
  • The Goodreads app. I have had so much trouble lately finding books that hold my interest. Whenever I try to read I get distracted by my to-do list… or fall asleep. This app lets me put in my old favorites (I used to read a book a week) and then helps me find new books that I love. Plus, the list of books I want to read is right there in the app on my phone, so I always have it with me when I go to the store.