Up We Go – Lights

I’ve been in love with Lights since I first saw her on a screen above the popcorn stand while I waited for my friends at the movie theater. I had no idea who she was, but I was instantly hooked. If I’d had a fancy phone with data back then, I would have already been downloading her stuff at the theater, but the fact that I remembered to look her up when I got home late after a 3 hour movie is saying something.

I found her more recent hit “Up We Go” at a perfect time for me. Every year, as the days get shorter and I get busier, I have a harder time controlling my depression. It’s not like anything suddenly goes wrong, it’s just a lot more tempting to start focusing on all the things I didn’t accomplish this year, no matter how much Liam tries to remind me of my successes. This song gives me a little push in the right direction on some of my worst days. Sometimes it ends up on repeat for hours on end.

I also love one-take music videos, and this one is pretty awesome: