My Smiles – Halloween!

I love Halloween! Ok, maybe I just love all holidays. Any excuse to celebrate and give presents and hang out with friends and family! Here are the highlights of my gratitude journal this week:

  • halloweenHalloween Oreos!
  • Making Steven a Halloween themed lunch box – I’m nowhere near as talented as some parents making awesome Halloween themed lunch boxes, but he liked it anyways.
  • Getting all dressed up for Halloween. Last night it was just Steven getting dressed up (as Night Shift from Skylanders), but we’re going to another party tonight and I’m so excited to wear my costume!
  • Steven loved playing hot potato at the kids’ party last night. Whether he won or lost, he’d immediately look at our host and say “again, again, again!” I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so excited over hot potato, lol.
  • Sorting the mountains of candy. Steven gets excited about this because he’s not allowed to touch it until it’s sorted – I get excited because I get the candy he doesn’t like!